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100 years on with Poetry from the Trenches

This year marks 100 years since the First World War and commemorative events have been occurring throughout the world to remember all who were involved.

My fellow blogger friend Stephen Liddell has just released his latest book In the Footsteps of Heroes: A photographic tour of the Western Front – a collection of photos from Stephen’s personal album which takes the reader on a guided tour of some of the main sights of the WWI Western Front.

Stephen has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of WWI and I have decided to share his brilliant post entitled Poetry from the Trenches which includes some of the most powerful poetry written in the darkest hours of the first world war by the soldiers who fought at the front. Read more

Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

What are we but scattered leaves?

Fallen from the wilting trees,

Bursting forth with untamed lust,

Then withering into the dust, Read more

One American, one Japanese and a Greek

A short Greek joke for you today folks – something to make you laugh and keep you smiling over the weekend! Read more

What’s the (Greek) motto with you?

We are all aware that many of the great quotations of life were either said by a Greek or are about a Greek.

So I have decided to list some of the most famous ones – some you may recognise, but did you know it was a Greek who spoke them?

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A Greek walks into a bar…

I’ve come across some hilarious Greek jokes in my time, and thought that I would share a few with you. Happy Friday!

Arnie and Yiayia

An old yiayia was struggling through an airport, carrying her heavy luggage filled with xilopites and traxana on her way to catch her plane.  Suddenly, out of nowhere Arnold Schwarzeneggar approached the old woman and said  “as ti valitsa, baby!”, offering his help to carry her luggage.

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“She Wasn’t Greek Enough” – Toni Braxton Parody

So I’ve been pretty busy lately with the book, and work, and magazine writing, as well as the usual Greek dancing et al SO I thought I would post another Greek parody of a hit song for you to enjoy.

This time the newly written lyrics are to the beat of Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough” and the new title is “She Wasn’t Greek Enough” – something that I am accused of daily…

Excuse the rude bits!


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“No FOB” Parody of ”No Scrubs” by TLC

So I came across a fantastic website of Greek jokes and found this Greek parody of TLC’s hit song “No Scrubs“. Excuse the swear words, but it is absolutely hilarious!

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