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My 90’s acting debut in Acropolis Now!

It may come as a surprise to many of you that back when I was about 4 years old, my future self was actually starring in ACROPOLIS NOW – an Australian television sitcom set in a fictional Greek cafe in Melbourne.  Read more

Big Fat Inappropriate Comments by (Greek) Relatives

Embarrassing relatives are nothing new. Many children experience the horror that is one or both of their parents/aunts/uncles etc making a crude joke or insensitive comment in front of their friends. Sometimes this continues into adulthood. Everyone has that relative who never responds in a polite way, or is so politically incorrect that you’ve had to hide them when visitors come round. Read more

How to piss off a Greek!

It’s not difficult to piss off a Greek. They may appear to be laid back but beneath the loud yet smooth talking exterior often lies a bubbling volcano ready to erupt at any moment.

Recently I came across an article on a site called Matador Network – entitled How to Piss of a Greek. Naturally I was attracted to the post immediately and managed to track down the genius who wrote it, Joanna Kalafatis. It seems that Joanna and I have much in common (obviously!) and you can pop over to her travel blog Lose the Map to check out her other work.  Read more

Greek Baby Beliefs

My Yiayia (Greek grandmother – pictured with my dad and my uncle) is currently staying with my family on an extended holiday and has been regaling us all with Greek tales, traditions and ancient beliefs.

At 88 years of age, she still firmly believes that women should spend their lives in the kitchen and that a Greek man can do no wrong. Read more

A New Chapter: Happy 2015!!!

Bet you didn’t know I could dance as well as that hey! 😉 

So the book of 2014 has been closed and we start afresh once again with the blank pages of a new year.

I say ‘blank’ but actually I’ve got a few events written down already! Read more

A Greek Workout

Despite their huge appetites, Greeks are well known for their godly physiques, toned torsos, and mythical muscles (ahem). So how do they do it?

Read more

Inside a Greek’s suitcase

The Suitcase.

An essential product for holidaymakers everywhere. And especially for a Greek man or woman.

Now I’m not talking about what’s inside the suitcase on the way TO the holiday destination.

I’m talking about what’s inside the suitcase on the way BACK, when you are more likely to be stopped at customs and have your luggage pulled apart in front of everyone.

Katalaves? Read more

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