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Official (Greek) Book Launch Party!

This weekend I had my first ever book launch in my hometown of Leigh-on-Sea.

Instead of a formal literary affair, I decided to have a full on Greek party complete with Greek food, Greek dancing and plastic plate smashing, to celebrate my new status as a published author (and to try and sell off a few copies to unsuspecting party-goers). Read more

My book is now available on Kindle!

Happy 1st November to all!

To coincide with my Official Book Launch Party this weekend, I have now published my book on Amazon Kindle. Read more

AVAILABLE NOW! ‘Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing’

WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After months and months of living in a ‘self-published’ nightmare, my book is HERE!!!

My literary debut has now OFFICIALLY been published and is available to buy in Paperback from Amazon UK, Amazon.Com and Worldwide, retailing at £7.99. Read more

ONE WEEK until book publication date!

So after almost a year of warbling on about my book, the date of publication is finally in sight!!


Proof copies have been read and re-read, commas have been deleted and put back in, double and single quotation marks have been agonised over, and the front cover has been designed. Read more

Marriage and Melons – a new excerpt from my book

Today is my Paper Wedding Anniversary (that’s one year) – hurrah!

We made it!

To celebrate I have decided to share another survival extract from my book, this time listing the general Dos and Don’ts for the Greek wife/ girlfriend/ partner. Hope it helps!

Read more

Ouzo and Chips – another excerpt from my book

So some of you have been asking about my up coming book and when it will be out – have no fear people, I’m working on it!

In the meantime I thought that I would share another little introductory extract with you which should give you a feel about what the book can offer you!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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In the Beginning – a short excerpt from my book

So my long-awaited debut novel is now in the ‘development’ stages…(code for ‘I’m trying to get someone kind/crazy enough to publish it’) and I thought that I would share a little excerpt with you.

Peppered with short stories from my childhood, I would describe the book as a non-fiction (I tell only the truth!), semi-autobiographical (don’t worry it’s not all about me), comedic survival guide based on my life-long Greek experiences. And there are many of them.

Hope you like it.

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