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Veggie Gyro from Kouzounas Kitchen

Recently (in fact ALWAYS) I have been craving gyro. In basic terms, a gyro is meat in pita bread.

And it is DELICIOUS.

For many of my veggie friends however, gyro is not usually something that we have in common. But thanks to my dear friend Krystina over at Kouzounas Kitchen, now there is VEGETARIAN gyro for us all to enjoy!

For the veggies amongst you I have reposted Krystina’s recipe below and you can check it out for yourself on her blog hereRead more

Something’s fishy…it’s Octopasta!

If like me, you are not really a fan of the creatures of the deep blue sea (unless they are deep fried in batter), then this recipe is not for you.

If, however, you love your little fishy on a little dishy, mixed with pasta-ishy then you should definitely try this healthy meal – χταπόδι με μακαρόνια – ochtopothi me makaronia – octopus with pasta! Read more

Souzoukakia – sausages and tomatoes

This is a great recipe for kids (and adults) as an alternative to the usual spag bol and can be served with pasta or anything else that might take your fancy! Read more

Have a soupy Easter with Mayeritsa!

It’s Greek Easter this weekend so why not try this Easter soup. Mayeritsa is a traditional soup that the Greeks eat at the celebration that follows the midnight resurrection service on Easter Saturday, when lent is over. Read more

Fritter your zucchini with yoghurt dip

If you are forgoing meat in the run up to Easter, why not try a zucchini (courgette) with a side of tzatziki for a lighter lunch. This recipe makes about 15 fritters. Read more

Get giddy with Kataifi

Pronounced Ka-t(d)a-ee-fi, this Greek pastry is just as popular as Baklava and a favourite at family events. Similar in looks to shredded wheat (!), Kataifi is made with a special type of pastry that resembles angel hair pasta, and has a nutty centre.

So if, like me, you are not nuts about nuts, then this dessert probably isn’t for you. Read more

Friday Greek Menu by Kouzounas Kitchen

So today I decided to share yet another wonderful recipe from my superbly talented Greek blogger friend Krystina Kalapothakos who runs the food blog Kouzounas Kitchen.

Every Friday Krystina features a menu which includes a starter, a main and a dessert, for readers to try and this one has an added bonus of being extra healthy! To see more of Krystina’s recipes you can click on the logo I designed for her on the right hand side menu or you can read the original post here. Read more

Beware the Bougatsa

Don’t be afraid. Although it might sound scary, a ‘bougatsa‘ is not a creepy monster hiding in your closet. It is in fact a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of semolina or custard, sometimes cheese or minced meat, in between layers of filo pastry.

If you head down to Flo Café in Larnaca in the morning, you get a free bougatsa served with your milkshake/coffee! Read more

Constipated? Fasolia will sort that out!

While undeniably good for you, I must admit that fasolakia prasina ladera (green beans in oil) is not one of my favourite dishes. I’m personally not a big fan of vegetables, and when there is no meat involved I am completely not interested!

However, fasolia is known for its…ahem…digestive qualities. Trust me, if you need a good clearing out this dish will do the trick! Read more

Greek Vanilla Submarine

My best childhood memories are those that always involved some kind of sweet treat. And no memories are sweeter than the ones that have Greek vanilla in them.

Known as ‘βανίλια υποβρύχιο’, which literally translates as ‘vanilla submarine’, the treat is basically just a vanilla fondant served as a spoon sweet in a glass of water. You dip your spoon in the fondant, scoop a little, dunk it in a glass of cold water and lick. Read more

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